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Physical Logic develops and manufactures advanced MEMS (“Micro-Electro-Mechanical System”) accelerometers, which have a wide range of high-end applications: vibration sensing, tilt sensing, seismic sensing and inertial navigation.
Physical Logic serves diverse markets from security and defence to energy and industry and even to healthcare. Its meters are used in aircrafts, missiles, and drones. Even vibrations in machinery can be measured and tracked with our meters.
Physical Logic founded in 2004, is a privately funded Group with Corporate Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and a R&D and Manufacturing Center in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Impressum Imprint
Addresse: Physical Logic AG, Corporate Headquarters Lindenstrasse 26, 8008 Zürich, Schweiz Address Physical Logic AG, Corporate Headquarters, Lindenstrasse 26, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Handelsregister: Handelsregister des Kantons Zürich
Commercial register: Commercial Registration of the Canton of Zurich, CH-
E- Mail: info@physical-logic.com E- Mail: info@physical-logic.com
Sitz der Gesellschaft Zürich Domicile of the Company Zurich
Telefon: +41-44-382-2037 Telephone: +41-44-382-2037
Kontakt: Bei Fragen zum Unternehmen oder zu Produkten und Dienstleistungen nutzen Sie bitte unsere Kontaktformulare. Contact: Please use our contact forms for questions about the     company, our products and services.
Verwaltungsratspräsident: Dr. Peter R. Walti Chairman of the Board of Directors: Dr. Peter R. Walti
Mehrwertsteuer-Nummer(MWST-Nr.): CHE-112.005.878 VAT Number (MWST-Nr.): CHE-112.005.878
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