Advanced MEMS sensors for muliple applications;
taking accuracy to the next level

Physical Logic - Advanced MEMS Sensors for Multiple Applications

Reliability combined with high linearity, stability and low noise

MEMS accelerometer for Tilt Sensing

Our accelerometers designed for military, aerospace and industrial applications; featuring extremely low noise levels and enabling sensitive tilt evaluation with a higher resolution. Main Industries include: Control tilt angle leveling platform (Antenna alignment), bridges, constructions and machines tilting monitors.
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MEMS accelerometer for Seismic Sensing

Measurement, interpretation and estimation of ground movements generated by earthquakes or explosions. We can monitor the slightest seismic activity, down to noise levels below 1 μg/√Hz. Main Industries include: Oil exploration, earthquake monitoring, and seismic imaging of competitive landscape.
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MEMS accelerometer for Vibration Sensing

Monitoring vibrations from environmental to industrial noise sources. The accelerometers facilitate maintenance of state of the art machinery. Main Industries include: Structural health monitoring, bridge movements, state of work machines (gearboxes, oil pumps, air compressors, etc).
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MEMS accelerometer for Inertial Navigation

Our open and closed loop MEMS accelerometers are used worldwide for inertial navigation, and are mainly known for their excellent long-term repeatability, low VRE and low linearity error. Main Industries include: UAVs navigation, missiles navigation, mapping instruments, cranes, and agriculture.
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