Advanced MEMS sensors for multiple applications; taking accuracy to the next level!

Customer Tailored MEMS Products

Physical Logic is happy to customize our products to your needs. Some of our products include:

Interface for Customer’s System

The technical team of Physical Logic offers our customers the design of the Closed-Loop accelerometers interface board to the navigation system. Our customers provide us mechanical interface design and we tailor this design to an electronic board. The same service may also be offered for Open-Loop accelerometers.
Physical Logic manufactures and assembles the accelerometer on the interface board and then conducts all environmental tests in our in-house test facility.
Thanks to this, the customer is exempt from board assembly and complex tests at the component level. 

Miniature Footprint MEMS Device for Medical Applications

Physical Logic offers MEMS device which provides a mechanical solution for manufacturers of pacemakers or an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator. The MEMS device is smaller than 1mm, compact, and noiseless; yet it provides very high sensitivity and high resolution level.
Its high level of performance and proven reliability, add up to the perfect device for this type of application.

MEMS Design Services

Physical Logic offers design services to its clients who are interested in developing their own MEMS device for any need or application. We can design a device comprising mechanical and thermal analysis as well as other relevant features. We also offer manufacturing of his designed product mutually with our MEMS fab partner.  

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