Resource Exploration

Advanced MEMS sensors for multiple applications; taking accuracy to the next level!

Accelerometers play a critical role for down-to-earth applications such measurement while drilling (MWD) and mining. On these applications, accelerometers and gyroscopes are needed to provide data under the most demanding operating conditions, especially when are attached to a drill string searching for oil thousands of feet beneath the ocean floor. While drilling, a real time measurement of inclination and azimuth of the hole is needed to steer the well towards a target zone.

Short term and long-term stability over harsh environmental conditions, including temperature variations and high vibrations are required to keep accuracy during the drilling process. In many applications high accelerometers’ sensing range (> ±30g) is also needed.

With Long term stability and repeatability <0.5mg and VRE < 25 µg/g2 RMS, Physical Logic’s Closed Loop Accelerometers are the best MEMS solution which enable the well drillers to achieve extraordinary levels of precision even after many days of drilling and to meet the world’s energy demands by improving the efficiency of the exploration process.

Application Requirements


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