Seismic Sensing

Advanced MEMS sensors for multiple applications; taking accuracy to the next level!

Ground motion can be measured as displacement, velocity, or acceleration. A mass spring sensor is used for all these measurements.

Physical Logic’s in-plane bulk micromachining technology allows for realization of a proof mass spring design to achieve a noise density below 1.2 µg/√Hz for recommended ranges of ±2g, ±5g and ±10g.

We open the possibility to compete with standard seismometers, allowing the construction of cost- and power-efficient seismic sensors. The high precision seismic accelerometers are installed at a constant distance from each other in a tectonic border zone; this enables an instant earthquake wave’s detection and fast alert to nearby populations.

The particular direction of installation of two sensors is optimized to detect P-waves, which propagate parallel to the ground, or S-waves, which are perpendicular to the ground surface.

Physical Logic’s MEMS accelerometers are designed and manufactured in Israel. All products are ITAR free and are also offered as export control free. 

Application Requirements


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