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±30g sensing range closed loop accelerometer

MAXL-CL-3030 is a state-of-the-art inertial sensor based on a unique MEMS device and ASIC. The sensor is realized as a sigma-delta convertor, providing a digital output proportional to acceleration applied on its effective axis.

Along with the digital output, the sensor provides an analog temperature-proportional signal that can be used for calibration needs.

Accelerometer’s one year bias repeatability of 1.2 mg and one year scale factor repeatability of 400 ppm, and VRE below 30 µg/ g2 rms enable excellent measurement accuracy for inertial navigation and vibration sensing applications.

The MAXL-CL-3030 features an input range of ± 30 g and operates from a single power supply voltage of 5 V with < 90 mA current consumption. The sensor’s system is composed of an LCC44 hermetically sealed package mounted on an interface board to meet customer requirements.

Key Parameters



Full Scale

±30 g


300 Hz

Minimum Allan Variance

<15 µg

SF short term stability (15 h)

<100 ppm 

SF temperature sensitivity

150 ppm/⁰C

SF residual error

<200 ppm 

SF linearity


Bias short term stability (15 h)

<150 µg

Bias temperature sensitivity (1σ)

150 µg/⁰C

Bias residual error (1σ)

150 µg 

VRE (20 – 2000 Hz)

< 30µg/g2rms