Inertial Navigation

Advanced MEMS sensors for multiple applications; taking accuracy to the next level!

Inertial navigation is a technique in which measurements provided by accelerometers and gyroscopes and possibly other sensors are used to calculate the position and orientation of an object in real time.

Inertial measurement units (IMUs) support the navigation calculation by providing real time incremental inertial measurements of the body of interest. IMUs contain three orthogonal gyroscopes, measuring angular velocity, and three orthogonal accelerometers, measuring linear acceleration.

By processing signals from these devices it is possible to track the position and orientation of a moving object.

Physical Logic offers tactical grade MAXL-OL-2000 Open-Loop MEMS accelerometers and inertial grade MAXL-CL-3000 Closed-Loop sigma-delta MEMS accelerometers. These accelerometers are designed with special in-plane bulk micromachining technology, in order to achieve improved performance over a wide sensing range.

Physical Logic’s in-plane bulk micromachining Open-Loop and Closed-Loop accelerometers are integrated in various tactical grade inertial navigation systems.

Physical Logic’s MEMS accelerometers are designed and manufactured in Israel. All products are ITAR free and are also offered as export control free.

Application Requirements


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