Extended Bandwidth MEMS Accelerometers MAXL-OL-2040C

Physical Logic is happy to share bandwidth measurement results on units of the MAXL-OL-2040C product with extended bandwidth. Our standard product MAXL-OL-2040C, provides a 300 Hz bandwidth limited by electronics. Due to the growing inquiries and interest from our customers regarding the possibility to provide this product with a larger signal bandwidth, we have assembled and measured a batch of units with adjusted electronics for this purpose.

We present below the frequency response results of 5 units from measurements performed at Physical Logic. The data in the graph is raw and includes frequency noise that originates from the measurement setup and not from the accelerometers. However, a general trend, which does represent the frequency response of the accelerometers, shows signal response up to 2000 Hz using a +/- 3 dB definition.

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