The Israel Navigation Systems and Applications Workshop and Exhibition

The Israel Navigation Systems and Applications Workshop and Exhibition

The one-day “Navigation Systems and Applications” workshop is dedicated to technical talks that range from fundamental research, to applications, to field test results. The exhibition is a unique opportunity to bring together in one location the different industries and representatives offering navigation related hardware.

We are presenting our series of high end Open Loop and Closed Loop MEMS accelerometers including our new Closed Loop Navigation grade accelerometer with improved bias, better temperature sensitivity and lower noise.

Physical Logic Open Loop MEMS Accelerometers

Our MAXL-OL-2000 open loop series fills the performance-cost gap between currently available MEMS accelerometers and mechanical accelerometers, providing extremely low noise, excellent VRE and run to run repeatability. The accelerometer contains a MEMS device and ASIC assembled in hermetically sealed LCC20 package. The open loop series comprises high-end MEMS accelerometers featuring open loop configurations and offering a variety of sensing ranges from 2g to 70g.

Open Loop MEMS Accelerometers

2018 Closed Loop Products

Our flagship product, the Closed Loop MEMS accelerometer offers performance you would expect from a traditional electro mechanical accelerometer at a fraction of the cost.

MAXL-CL-3030/70 ΔΣ (sigma-delta) MEMS accelerometer provides improved performance, such as scale factor linearity, stability, and extremely low vibration rectification error (VRE). It is a fully integrated sensor enclosed in a specially designed and manufactured LCC44 package.

MAXL-CL-3030 is divided into subgroups in which the major difference is reflected in the long-term bias repeatability parameter which will eventually go down to <0.5 mg (500 µg).

2018 Closed Loop Products

Physical Logic – Focused on MEMS

Physical Logic designs, develops and manufactures high precision open loop and closed loop MEMS accelerometers. Our meters have a wide range of applications such as inertial navigation, vibration, tilt, and seismic sensing.

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